OICRM is an interdisciplinary, inter-university and international research group working on general topics in music creation and research. This group brings together Québécois, Canadian and foreign researchers and students.

  1. The mission of OICRM revolves around two main principles:
  2. To develop and reinforce new research perspectives in Music; To build a collective knowledge on Music. 


Faculté de musique – Université de Montréal

At the junction of European tradition and American avant-garde, with a Montreal touch that contributes to its fame, the Faculty attracts and spreads the talent of 800 students and 160 teachers coming from all around the world. 

Baroque, classical, contemporary and electroacoustic music, opera, jazz and world music stand as the many realms accessible to student performers, musicologists, composers and directors who pursue their baccalaureate, masters and doctorate degrees. 

With an open mind towards other, complementary to music disciplines, the Faculty has also developed innovative programs.  Musicians and non-musicians thus have access to majors and minors that explore in particular Digital Music and the links between Music, Art and Society. 


Cercle de musicologie

The Cercle de musicologie, Université de Montréal is an AÉMUM (Association of Music students, Université de Montréal) organ whose aim is to create a network uniting students from Musicology, Ethnomusicology and the program of Minor in Music, arts and society. 

The Circle’s activities vary from social gatherings to study days, conferences series and newsgroup. 



BRAMS (International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research) is a unique research centre dedicated to research excellence, located in Montreal and jointly affiliated with the University of Montreal and McGill University. The research centre is devoted to the study of music cognition with a focus on neuroscience.


SysMus Conference Series