Welcome to the SysMus12 Conference

After the success of the four previous SysMus Conferences in Graz – Austria (2008), Ghent – Belgium (2009), Cambridge – United Kingdom (2010) and Cologne – Germany (2011), we are proud to welcome the Fifth International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus12) in Montreal, Canada, from May 24th to May 26th 2012. 

One of the goals of SysMus International conferences is to contribute to the creation of networks between Musicology students coming from different horizons, both geographical and discipline-wise, and to create a dynamic force of reflection and discussion between researchers.

Organized by advanced students, SysMus conferences give the opportunity to young, 2nd and 3rd-cycle Musicology researchers to present their research results (communications, posters and on-line publications) and to benefit from the experience and knowledge of four renowned invited keynote speakers.  Social activities (visits, concerts, tastings) as well as discussion workshops complete the SysMus12 program.  (For more information on the SysMus concept, please visit https://sites.google.com/site/sysmusconference/).

Systematic musicology, a terminology proposed by Adler (1885) and third axiom accompanying the ins and outs of ethnomusicology and historic musicology within the current European tripartite model, distinguishes itself by its objects, methods and purposes.  The study of musical manifestations (performance, styles, genres, works, executers, composers, traditions) is dedicated to the understanding of their mechanisms according to a wider perspective, aiming to reveal both the general properties of music and their implications toward all sociocultural processes of expression, interaction and communication.  These questions may concern many paradigms and disciplines belonging to natural and technological sciences or humanities (acoustics, computing, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, physiology, linguistics, philosophy, semiotics, aesthetics, etc.), and employ the diverse adequate research methodologies and epistemology those disciplines bring about. The interdisciplinary nature of systematic musicology is then characterized in effect by its empirical approach, leaning on quantifiable data, allied to a critical analysis of the problem. These diverse research perspectives, regrouped within the musicological field, shall yield fundamental knowledge on Music and its functions, but also artistic –practice, performance, musical technologies or pedagogy – and social – therapy, re-education, communication – applications.

This 5th SysMus12 conference is set in collaboration with OICRM, Faculty of Music – Université de Montréal, BRAMS and Cercle de Musicologie – Université de Montréal.